I’m not saying you NEED them now, and I’m not saying you HAVE TO get them. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I have linked those Amazon items below.

These are items that I have accumulated over time and have found useful in more ways than one. From our days of online learning, we can learn a lot. The tools we have used in the classroom may have come to some use, while others haven’t been useful at all. Then there are the tools that we don’t have because we had to adapt and change our format of teaching. Peruse through the items below, you never know, something might catch your attention:
I have had this purifier for over a year! It has been great for my area of the room. It is not meant to purify the air of the entire classroom, but I usually keep it on all day. Perfect for when we go back to school whether through the hybrid model or fully back in the classroom.
I usually have to replace the filter every 6-7 months. There’s a red light that goes on when it’s time for a new one. The directions to replace the filter are included when you order it and are super simply.
If you’re looking for a microphone to attach to your computer so that you can record audio (if for some reason your device’s built-in microphone isn’t working), this one is great and easy to use; just plug it in!
I love having a wireless keyboard because the keyboard is never in the way on my desk. I can move it and use it anywhere in my classroom.
With this, I am able to walk around my classroom without the need to go back to my computer and use the mouse to navigate. I bought it 2 years ago and it still works great! I can also easily move it out of the way when I’m using my desk.
Every teacher needs a great pen(s)! I love grading, writing, drawing, et cetera with there! If you are creating videos, color coding those lessons can help, too!
I love having a simple document camera so that I can teach live and not have to worry about my ‘background’ of my screen or my face. It’s just what the document camera shows, and my hands. I can also record videos and take pictures with it for lessons!
I covered my whole desk that I have my document camera and computer on with this. It was easy to do and it is so easy to use! I love how my desk is now a whiteboard top!!! It is a little pricey, but SO worth it.


  • Laminate printer-size posters to hang around your classroom
  • If you are creating videos as you teach virtually: Create a white board with blank paper or by putting graphs/coordinate planes
Because we are always running out of expo markers. Plus, you may need some at home if you fell in love with the whiteboard table top idea (Post-It Dry Erase Sticker)!
Chart paper comes in hand when you want to ‘take notes’, but you don’t want to erase them at the end of the day. This way, you can keep those notes and hang them up in the classroom. Also, if you are creating videos, this is a great supply to have so that you can visually teach without the worry of not having a standing up chalkboard or whiteboard.
I love having these handy. Markers never erase really well from a whiteboard and sometimes the only clean the whiteboard gets is at the end of the day; so, I keep either one of these hand for when I need it! This is especially great for those whiteboards at home (for Distance Learning). 


In order to make sure the colors stay vibrant on the card stock, chart paper, or the scroll (see below), I use these markers.

Classroom Organization:

Clipboards take a lot of space up, especially when you have 20-30 of them (one per student), so I hung these command hook underneath my whiteboard and hung the clipboards there!
These are great to hang students’ work up on the wall where there isn’t a cardboard (plus, you know that tape never works on those classroom walls for long)!
Add a little personal touch to your classroom. I have a few of these in various corners of the room so all students have easy access to such materials.
I always like using one sharpener for colored pencils only and this one works great for that.
Great item to hang on the wall and organize students’ papers for when they are absent! You can use it for yourself to keep track by the days or have the students check it for when they are absent.

Creative Ideas:

I took a ribbon and tied it through the ends of this roll to create a scroll. I put drawings, motivational quotes, and what is displayed changes from week to week. Ever since Distance Learning started, I’ve been taking pictures every week to show my kids what it would have displayed in the classroom.
Card stock can be used for anything! I print reference posters on them and put them around my classroom. Better than construction paper!