Algebra I Anchor Charts (Colorful)

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Color adds a bit of visual aesthetic for students to visually follow the notes. Reference sheets are perfect for learning new concepts or reviewing them as they help to visually show a student how to do something, solve something, or remains as a reminder for strategies and key terms to keep an eye out for.


These colorful charts can be projected onto the board or used to copy to create your own; they can be used as mini posters around the room; they can even be used as reference sheets that you can make class copies of (large or note-card sized) to provide to your students. Reference sheets are perfect for learning as it helps to visually show a student how to do something, solve something, or remains as a reminder for strategies and key terms to keep an eye out for.

This file includes reference pages on:
1➢ Integers (Addition)
2➢ Integers (Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)
3➢ Properties of Addition and Multiplication
4➢ Fractions (All operations)
5➢ Decimals (All operations)
6➢ Distributive Property & Combining Like Terms
7➢ Properties of Equality
8➢ Properties of Equality Examples
9➢ Angle Relationships
10➢ Equations (Variables Both Sides)
11➢ All Real Numbers & No Solution
12➢ Clearing Fractions
13➢ Solving Proportions
14➢ Percent of Change
15➢ Identifying Functions
16➢ Standard Form
17➢ Slope
18➢ Special Cases
19➢ Slope-Intercept Form
20➢ Direct Variation
21➢ Function Notation
22➢ Comparing Linear Equations
23➢ Point-Slope Form
24➢ Rewriting Equations
25➢Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
26➢ Inequalities (5 pages)
27➢ Multi-Step Inequalities
28➢ Compound Inequalities (2 pages)
29➢ Absolute Value Equations
30➢ Multi-Step Absolute Value Equations (2 pages)
31➢ Absolute Value Functions
32➢ Graphing Absolute Value Functions (2 pages)
33➢ Graphing Linear Inequalities with Two Variables
34➢ Linear Systems by Graphing
35➢ Linear Systems by Substitution
36➢ Special Cases of Linear Systems (2 pages)
37➢ Linear Systems by Elimination
38➢ Systems of Linear Inequalities
39➢ Exponent Product Properties
40➢ Exponent Quotient Properties
41➢ Zero and Negative Exponents
42➢ Scientific Notation
43➢ Simplifying Scientific Notation (Multiplication)
44➢ Simplifying Scientific Notation (Division)
45➢ Exponential Growth Function
46➢ Exponential Decay Function
47➢ Exponential Growth/Decay Model
48➢ Compound Interest
49➢ Polynomials
50➢ Multiply Polynomials
51➢ Multiply Binomials (FOIL)
52➢ Special Products of Polynomials
53➢ Polynomials in Factored Form (GCF)
54➢ Factor Polynomials by Grouping
55➢ Factor Type I Trinomials
56➢ Factor Type II Trinomials
57➢ Solving Equations with Trinomials
58➢ Vertical Motion Model
59➢ Graph y = ax2 + c (2 pages)
60➢ Graph y = ax2 + bx + c (2 pages)
61➢ Graphing Quadratic Equations
62➢ Quadratic Equations (Graphing/Factoring)
63➢ Quadratic Functions in Intercept Form
64➢ Quadratic Equations (Square Roots)
65➢ Completing the Square (2 pages)
66➢ Vertex Form
67➢ Quadratic Formula
68➢ Quadratic Equations (Formula)
69➢ Discriminant
70➢ Linear, Exponential, and Quadratic Functions
71➢ Pythagorean Theorem
72➢ Graphs of Square Root Functions
73➢ Properties of Radicals
74➢ Rationalizing the Denominator
75➢ Adding & Subtracting Radicals
76➢ Multiplying Radical Expressions
77➢ Radical Equations
78➢ Distance Formula between 2 endpoints (2 pages)
79➢ Midpoint Formula (2 pages)

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  1. R.L.

    Same as the B&W version, this resource was super helpful and easy to use! Well designed! Worked great for me AND for my students!

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