Sound Bowls & Science Workshop

A sound bowls workshop can be held at a conference or can be for corporate meetings like a leadership retreat. A workshop like this allows attendees to learn a meditative practice they may not have encountered before. Many times, we are focused on the ‘what will we learn’, ‘what more do we need to do’, and itineraries are jam-packed with information; whereas, including a sound bowls workshop can provide opportunity for moments of relaxation whether at the beginning or end of a retreat or conference. This workshop can range from groups as small as 2 or 3 people to a room of 400. Prices vary accordingly.

Oftentimes, we are taught self-care and means of meditation through singular methods, where silence is usually the goal for our sense of sound. However, sound is crucial to how we sit with discomfort, listen to our bodies, or simply be. This workshop not only goes into the science of sound, but links it to sound frequencies, leading you and your group to experiencing a sound bath via seven sound bowls. The only requirement: to come with an open mind.

Workshop outline:

  • The science
  • Sound Bowls
  • The debrief
  • Q&A
  • Optional experience: attendees will be asked if they would like to try to play the sound bowls themselves and feel the vibrations as they vary with each bowl

The Importance of Identity Workshop: "My name is..."

This workshop will take participants and attendees in a direction of conversation toward experience, identity, assumptions, expectations, and realization. It will allow for a realization of our own biases (conscious and unconscious), and a conversation around identity. We will confront our biases, the few or many that come up as we discuss expectaions that we place on ourselves due to cultural, ethnic, or professional pressures that are in tandem with the expectations that others have for us. We will share experiences of split or multiple identities created to survive in one space versus thriving in another space. Participants and attendees can partake in this interactive experience as they share their narratives, or they may choose to be silent participants. Either way, this workshop is a journey of experience, one that can help us become better leaders, observers, or collaborators.

Workshop Outline:

  • Interactive activity
  • Sharing narratives – similar or dissimilar experiences
  • Discussion and dissection
  • Looking forward
  • Q&A