Some previous workshops:

  • Professional Development Workshop: Getting to know your Asian American Families and Students for a Better Education
  • Conference at Yale University: “My name is…” Workshop and Sound Bowls & Science Workshop
  • Baruch College’s Undergraduate Leadership Weekend
  • Sound Bowls & Science Workshop at Mental Health Symposium at an Independent School for High School students
  • Group Sound Bowls at Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University
  • 10 Mindfulness sessions for 10 weeks at a public school for faculty and staff
  • 20 Mindfulness sessions (yoga and sound bowls) for 20 weeks at an independent school for students (ages 3-7)

My name is Henna Tailor. My Reiki journey started in 2019 where, not only did I feel lost, but my energies were imbalanced on a daily basis, resulting in depression. Before my marriage, I booked a Reiki session for myself. A three hour session that brought more realization than I could have ever imagined. Tears led to a relief of weight and stress that I did not know I was holding onto. In 2020, I earned my Reiki Practitioner Level 1 certification and later that year, I realized that I wanted to be able to practice, not only for myself, but for others as well. At the end of 2020, I earned my Reiki Practitioner Level 2 certification and in 2021, I began my pursuit toward my doctoral degree in Education. I do plan on earning my Reiki Master Certification, but for now, I am blessed to be able to practice, learn, and share.

Through my Reiki journey, I connected the most with sound waves and frequencies through sound bowls. I use seven clear quartz sound bowls that individually align with each of the seven chakras. Connecting the frequencies we learn about in science to the energies that we feel through sound bowls, I have been able to share this mindset and education with others via workshops and sessions.

I have also been able to incorporate what I have learned through my research regarding education, and what more needs to be done regarding our biases. My doctoral research is looking into the narratives that students navigate regarding their diasporic and academic identities through an exploration of stereotypes, expectations, and pressures. I am currently in the research phase of my doctoral journey, collecting data and analyzing it through qualitative methods.