Hi! I'm Henna, or otherwise known as: Ms. Tailor.

My goal is for my students to learn kinesthetically, auditorily, and visually, but it’s hard. As parents, as teachers, as students. We all know that there are various types of learners and differentiation can be tough, whether in the classroom or at home. Hopefully, no matter if you are a parent, teacher, or student, my website will help you with just that.

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Math Tips, Tantrums, and Topics

Maybe you’re looking for a quick tip on setting up your classroom, or want to read about someone else’s rants and struggles, because let’s be honest, we all have them no matter how many years we’ve put in. Or maybe you just want different ways to teach math. It could be fun, right?

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Digital Learning

All things Google classroom, making videos, taking attendance, holding meetings, do’s and don’ts.


Sometimes we lose steam and can’t keep on going without a few words of insanity or sanity. Take a look at my IG:

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